January Ho‘ohana: the short and sweet of it

In coaching, you quickly learn the value of the teaching tactic called “repeat, repeat, repeat.” This was explained well in a Fast Company article back from December 2001 I had kept for the wealth of good reminders in it:
Attention, Class!!! 16 Ways to be a Smarter Teacher

9. Repeat the important points.

If you want your employees to remember that new mission statement or market strategy, you need to give it to them more than once. "The first time you say something, it’s heard," says William H. Rastetter, who taught at MIT and Harvard before becoming CEO of Idec Pharmaceuticals Corp. "The second time, it’s recognized, and the third time, it’s learned."

The challenge, then, is to be consistent without becoming predictable or boring. The best teachers keep it fresh by finding new ways to express the same points.

I know that my first Ho‘ohana essay for 2006 may have been one of the longest ones I’ve ever written, so here’s a short and sweet repeat:

Ho‘ohana in January: the important points

1. Said hello to 2006 and aloha to all of you. Great to be back, ho‘omaha was fabulous!

2. Star of the post: our January Ho‘ohana is Ho‘omau: Cause the Good to Last. There is so much more to persistence and perseverance than it seems at first take: this is a value which can help you focus and maintain momentum, and there were three questions in the post which helped you to ho‘omau-evaluate any New Year’s resolutions you may have already written.

3. Presented a reminder on what Ho‘ohana is all about. New keawe wood fire metaphor there too.

4. Talked about how our Reinvention of the Business Community in 2005 ended up.

5. Talked about my intention to revisit the values of MWA in each monthly ho‘ohana of 2006, and why.

6. Introduced new mantra for 2006 on our Language of Intention – not new if you’ve read the book! Prevalent theme in Managing with Aloha, so our work on this mantra will extend that study and our capacity.

7. Mentioned we’ll have 5 Community Forums in 2006. Update is that there will be five plus one mini. Forgot about 06-06-06 this year: remember 05-05-05? Fun!

8. Introduced MWA Jumpstart. SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS! More tomorrow on MWA.com

9. Provided quick links at the end of the post so you don’t miss a beat, so scroll to the bottom if at first glance the January Ho‘ohana coaching essay looked like it was too long for you to read ‘til later.

January Ho‘ohana; Ho‘omau: Cause the good to last

Hey, I was excited, and it was longer at first draft!

I hope you’re charged up and ready to go too ” have you looked at your goals yet through that Lens of Ho‘omau?


  1. Sus Nyrop says

    Ok, so this is my opportunity to read your book again, and see where it will take me this time. Even more so,reading the book together with like minded spirits will helpus get something new out of this I’m sure, by sharing our thoughts and stories,our reflections and dreaming up some future plans.
    I think I should say, a very happy new year to you, Rosa,your writing is always great inspiration!

  2. says

    Aloha Sus! Wonderful to hear from you again. How do you say Hau‘oli la hanau (Happy New Year) in Denmark?
    I love the thought that MWA is coming off the shelf and back into your hands, for that is exactly what I have hoped for everyone – a resource you can turn to time and time again.
    Keep it nearby, and mark your calendar: for Ho‘ohana the first of every month, and for Jumpstart the 3rd Monday of every month – at minimum!
    Ho‘omau, Rosa