Ho‘omau: Reveal Strengths and Talents

Our ho‘ohana on Ho‘omau; causing the good to last wouldn’t be complete this month without thinking about strengths, for there is so much vacuum-packed goodness in them.

You proactively and intentionally cause the good to last in your strengths,

  • By being sure you are employing them, i.e. by picking the right work for you. If you agree with David Allen’s definition that work is “anything that is not done yet” you clearly understand that this is much bigger than being about your job.

You proactively and intentionally cause the good to last in your strengths,

  • By capitalizing them and building on them, allowing them to work their magic in opening other doors for you. With the way this innately works for you, you can trust you will be stepping in the right doors.

When you are a manager, you proactively and intentionally cause the good to last in your strengths,

  • By turning this strength-nurturing talent you have, into your management strength, doing the same thing for the people you manage, i.e. you employ their talent, putting them in the best work environment possible for building on their strengths.

Everyone has talent
, a kind of internal wiring that naturally makes us more effective at certain kinds of things. When you harness your natural, born-in talents in a manner which is visible for others and tangible for you, those talents become what we think of as our strengths.

As a quick review, Ho‘omau is the value of persistence and perseverance. Now let’s review the language of your own intention: The deeper dynamic of ho‘omau, and the self-coaching within it is fairly simple.

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“Mahalo nui Felix, …7 Causes.

Today, Felix Gerena of our Ho‘ohana Community left a comment for me that was such a gift. My goodness I am on a roll of good fortune, aren’t I? Yesterday a song, today a feeling of well-being in being confident about my choices.

I responded to Felix on www.managingwithaloha.com where he had made his comment, however I decided to re-post it here on Talking Story hoping to gather more discussion about the quote Felix has given us from Aristotle. I am wondering,

What are your 7 Causes?

These are mine, reprinted from Managing with Aloha Online

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Ho‘omau and your Language of Intention

In our January Ho‘ohana I introduced a phrase you will read often here on the blog. All about the Big C, Communication, it is crucially important; and it is enormously helpful to us as we manage with aloha. It is about how we communicate at work, using vocabulary and language in a Language of Intention leading us to positive, deliberate and proactive actions.

— Understand the Language of Intention, harness it and practice it, and honoring your own good word will be a hallmark of your reputation. No one at work will ever say you do not “walk the talk” again.

— Create a common Language of Intention for your ‘ohana in business, and the power of words will connect to shared knowledge, the sense of belonging, cohesive thought, empowerment, and the greater perception by the customer of staff initiative.

I’ve started to write essays about the Language of Intention a few times, but they never made it past my drafts to Talking Story as one of our monthly ho‘ohana themes. I could always sense that a month’s time wouldn’t be enough to contain the depth and importance of the concept.

Thus about halfway into 2005, I decided our Language of Intention would simmer for a while, that it was destined to be the theme of our entire year, a theme we can revisit and capture with every one of our values each new month.

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Ho‘omau and having faith

In my family this past week we have talked about Ho‘omau (this month’s Ho‘ohana value of persistence and perseverance) in regard to what can be gained from faith and answered prayers: On Wednesday my brother Jeff returned safely from Iraq.

We have not seen him yet, for he is somewhere in Washington state for his debriefing, but it is good to know he is on his way.

As we wait for him, a revisit to a Talking Story post from my archives where I had helped Jeff get published:    Red, White and Blue Values.