Ho‘omaha 2005; holiday hiatus

I have been trying to find the right word to sum up the gift that 2005 has been for me, and I have finally settled on kamaha‘o.

As with most Hawaiian words, kamaha‘o has multiple meanings in English. When something is kamaha‘o it is wonderful and wondrous, astonishing and surprising, marvelous and remarkable, and incomprehensible in a way that is peaceful and right.

‘Incomprehensible’ is perfectly fine, for that which is kamaha‘o needs no explanation, it is simply everything good, a blessing not to be questioned. It is one you live in thankfulness for by being worthy and good yourself.

2005 has definitely been the year of the blog
, and I feel so fortunate that I somehow arrived in this playground of learning and virtual community camaraderie. Never would I have imagined what Talking Story, our monthly Ho‘ohana, and our Ho‘ohana Community would come to mean in my life. This blog has been an ever-abundant artesian well of nourishing refreshment and replenishment, a rejuvenation of my spirit, and a source of continual energy and optimism. Who knew? A blog as a bounty of aloha!

In being your mea ho‘okipa here and writing Talking Story I have gained so much, perhaps most of all the tremendous joy one feels in giving and in serving. As expressed in a favorite saying,

“One of life’s greatest laws is that you cannot hold a torch to light another’s path without brightening your own as well.”

This will be my last post for Talking Story in 2005. During Ho‘omaha we at Say Leadership Coaching are on sabbatical; we invest in our personal well-being, and we give as much of ourselves as possible to our ‘ohana, our families.

In 2005 I added monthend recaps to Talking Story, and it was very challenging for me to write this post in a way that would adequately sum up and recap the year. In the end I decided I will let you do your own exploring here in these next few weeks the blog remains your ever ready and willing servant.

  • Scroll down the right side column to visit the Ho‘ohana Archives and the six different Lōkahi forum which includes the just-published Hō‘ike’ike of Management and Leadership.

  • Visit www.ManagingWithAloha.com and check out the Book Buzz there. That is also where you will find the index to the articles I have written for Lifehack.org.
  • Do the blog crawl and ho‘omaika‘ika‘i — go visiting with the rest of the community.

As I had offered you last December, what follows within this article are the Top 24 Talking Story posts of the year out of 509 I have written, to provide you with some leisurely reading until we start anew in January.

These represent your selections, not mine, for they arrived in this place of honor by merit of your visits, pieced together from the item stats I can gather in TypePad, StatCounter, and FeedBurner. If I were to choose my own favorites the list would differ, and therein may be the most humbling lesson of blogging: you can write something you think is brilliant or witty, but ultimately the reader decides when you are at your best! 

These are listed in order of the date in which they first appeared, for they reveal the unfolding of our year together when seen chronologically – if part of your own ho‘ohana this year you will remember these markers too! I have also included their popularity rank in the Top 24. The top 5 are bolded so you can pick them out easily. See if your favorites are here, and which others surprise you too!

10.17.04 at no. 21: Another take on Management versus Leadership.
11.08.04 at no. 05: Let’s define Values.
12.14.04 at no. 02: The Daily Five Minutes.
01.07.05 at no. 24: How this coach (me) reads a blog.

02.01.05 at no. 17: February Ho‘ohana: A Love Affair with Books.
02.10.05 at no. 03: The 3 Sins of Management.
02.15.05 at no. 19: The Ho‘ohana Online Community Library.
02.18.05 at no. 09: A Dozen Myths About Reading.

02.24.12 at no. 12: 7 More Ways to get the most from Books.
03.02.05 at no. 15: The papaya tree.
03.09.05 at no. 11: The 3 R’s in Business: ROI, ROR, and ROA.
03.12.05 at no. 18: Strengths and Values.

03.13.05 at no. 13: Working within your Circle of Influence.
03.31.05 at no. 20: Another take on Meetings: The 5-Point Plan.
04.08.05 at no. 23: The Entrepreneurial Mindset: 8 Rules when you are “On-Again”.
04.21.05 at no. 06: Work World Myth #8: Managers should know how to do everything.

05.06.05 at no. 14: Hey boss, what do you want to know? – Part 1.
05.20.05 at no. 01: Golden opportunities can look pretty dingy at times.
06.02.05 at no. 08: Why GTD reminds me of the 7 Habits.
06.05.05 at no. 16: GTD + 7 Habits + MWA = MWA3P.

06.22.05 at no. 10: Investment Banking at the Prescott Starbucks.
07.05.05 at no. 04: Office perfection; ah! – bliss.
07.27.05 at no. 22: 5 Questions for your Annual Performance Appraisals.
10.18.05 at no. 07: Easy, Cheap Procrastination Killer

These were the top categories you chose to visit:

No. 01: Living in thankfulness, about the Hawaiian value of Mahalo.
No. 02: Work world myths. I have written on eight different ones.
No. 03: Responsibility and accountability, about the Hawaiian value of Kuleana.
No. 04: Books. No doubt about it, we are a community of readers here!
No. 05: A tie! And quite an appropriate one, for it is between The monthly Ho‘ohana index, and Passion for worthwhile work, about the Hawaiian value of Ho‘ohana.

Mahalo nui loa for reading Talking Story and being part of our Ho‘ohana Community. I will be back with my first post of 2006 on Monday, January 9th. I have some exciting new plans for us in the New Year!

Meanwhile, my biggest, best, and brightest wishes to you for a merry and magical Christmas, and a blessed New Year, filled with all the warmth of aloha.

From my family to yours:

Mele Kalikimaka, Merry Christmas

Hau‘oli Makahiki Hou, and a Happy New Year

Ka lā hiki ola, it is the dawning of a new day,

Make it your best one ever.

If you have not yet seen or heard it, to wrap up our December Ho‘ohana I leave you with this snippet from Maya Angelou’s new poem, Amazing Peace ~

It is the Glad Season.

Thunder ebbs to silence and lightning sleeps quietly in the corner.

Flood waters recede into memory.

Snow becomes a yielding cushion to aid us

As we make our way to higher ground.

Read more here.

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Peace.  If we sow the seeds of virtue, we cultivate fertile ground for peace. If we seek to understand and not condemn, to take the high road versus get even, we uncover how alike we are much more than we are different. We all want peace.


  1. Randall Francisco says

    Aloha & Happy New Year!
    Yes, 2005 was indeed a great year for me too! And, recently, relocating to Kaua’i to be back where my island roots are in 2006 is even better. I had the good opportunity to read your book last year and was interested in connecting with you to share your message. Now that I’m on Kaua’i with the Chamber of Commerce, I believe I have that first opportunity. In a conversation with a member of the Board of Directors, we both came up with your name as a possible guest/keynote speaker for our first ever Small Business Conference hosted by the Kaua’i Chamber of Commerce (CoC). If at all possible, and you’re available, please let me know if Thursday, April 13 is available/open for you to be the luncheon speaker. I truly believe in what you have stated in your book, and as a manager your words helped to reaffirm for me the principles by which I have tried to lead/inspire as a manager. We can ‘talk story’ more after I find out what your availability is like.
    Mahalo and Aloha for your consideration, and, especially, for your good work.
    Randy Francisco
    Kaua’i Chamber of Commerce

  2. says

    Aloha Randy – great to meet you, welcome to the Ho’ohana Community! I am so glad you have discovered both blog and book, and can now ho’omau with us here.
    Sorry for this delay in responding, for I have been on the road. I will call you Monday, for speaking about MWA is one of my very favorite things, and I do love visiting beautiful Kaua’i! Mahalo nui for the wonderful invitation; talk story with you soon.
    (I’m sending you an email too.)
    A hui hou, Rosa