Dear Boss, ”I mean Santa,

Giftwrap2When it comes to gift giving in the holiday season, the Golden Rule is your best bet:

Give unto others what you yourself would drool over if someone gave it to you.

However if you happen to be a boss, I do have a few more suggestions you may want to consider. Find them in my guest post for Leon at today on Makana Kalikimaka – Christmas gifts.

There are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 of them, plus 2 for extra brownie points!
Click in for Holiday Gifts for Working Stiffs

At I concentrated on gifts for the season, however you already know what I consider to be the best gift you can give at work all year long … the gift that gives back to you as much as it gives to others: The Daily 5 Minutes.

By the way, you also wrap up three of my Aloha Virtues with those makana kalikimaka I have written about for Leon. Take a second look at these three again, as the benefits to be reaped:

Vitality. There is a fire that burns within us during the holidays. Give in and let it burn up any stress, replacing it with enthusiastic and eager energy. Zip. Zeal. Zest. All vitally and dynamically virtuous.

Trust. We can wonder because we can trust. People tend to be kind of needy, and that’s okay. When we need others we learn to trust and be trustworthy in our relationship building. We learn to love more. We learn to have faith in each other. We cultivate magnetic attractions to good intention.

Joy. Happiness with more than contentment. Happiness with bliss and euphoria. Silliness without self-consciousness. The holidays are so perfect for splashes of joy in color, in song, in tinsel and texture, even in the scents that fill the air. But most of all, in people’s faces.

So boss, get to work on those makana. Start by hacking away at the sacred cows on that company calendar of yours.