Write Your Joy

It feels so great to have Mahalo as the ho‘ohana for November. So much so, that I doubt I will ever choose a different value for this month in the years ahead.

QuillThe executive retreat I’d mentioned being offline for came to it’s conclusion this morning, and since returning home, I’ve spent my time writing my thank you cards to all those who had contributed in some way to making it the memorable four days it has been. In writing my notes I am reliving the joy I’d felt in the event a second time.

I am remembering the very special things which happened, and all the people who were part of them. I keep smiling to myself thinking about both our work and our learning, and I am grateful for the breakthroughs we achieved, and for the spirit of lōkahi (collaboration) and kākou (togetherness, creative synergy) which kept us constant company. Although I am home alone, occasionally I laugh out loud recalling the laughter which so abundantly uplifted our spirits this past week.

I am so thankful that we were able to work in a place of such beauty, a place inspiring us to be as beautiful in our work and in our outlook, eager to embrace the smallest flicker of optimism whenever it appeared.

Writingjoy_1I am writing out my mahalo notes feeling that my hand is bathed in all these good feelings so abundantly, my joy is sure to be sealed in the envelopes too; envelopes soon to be opened by another hand, so joy may leap to a smile on another face.

My day has been as blissful as it can get. It is right. It is aloha celebrated in the abundance of mahalo.

What has your ho‘ohana meant for you this month?

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