TypePad Challenges and your Comments

Kalamai (my apologies): I understand there were multiple challenges today with TypePad, the blogging platform I use for Talking Story, and that besides being excrutiatingly slow to load pages, people also could not comment (or got pretty screwy error messages in trying to do so).

I caught one early this morning before my day started (in Hawaii, I am behind most of you), however I was offline doing a facilitation most of the day and have just now read your later emails to me – thank you for letting me know.

Hopefully all is getting back to normal now – or better! Here is a great example of how a business can raise their personal bar in making their customers happy! TypePad?

Ho‘ohana Community: If you ever encounter this again, do feel free to email your comment to
, and I’ll get it posted as soon as possible in the same order in
which I receive them.


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    I feel your pain Rosa!
    My web host transferred me to a brand new server a while back and it had problems from day one. It took them a month of problem solving and parts replacing to get it right.
    After all my domain names were hijacked by the company that provided them I realized that it is good to have a backup… A backup domain registrar, a backup web host, a backup of my blog.
    Hopefully Typepad will get the problem figured out and it won’t happen again.
    I need my daily fix of Aloha!

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    And I can imagine how you waited to post this comment John (tho I hope not!) so thank you, for it just so happens that TypePad is now extremely slow in responding again. I wonder if it has something to do with the holiday activity — are we all catching up today on our reading and community talk story?