Revelationary Retreating

You’re right, revelationary is not a word, but it works pretty well ”

Kona_village_resort7For the next 4 days, Wednesday to Saturday, I’ll be offline doing an executive retreat for some terrific folks. A real retreat: no telephones, no televisions, no computers, no gadgets at all. Just people connecting with people and with nature. Really. Novel concept! Hawaiian paradise, exquisite sense of place. Managing with Aloha, and living with aloha.

Yes, auwe… tough job… I know.

So you’ll discover I’ve turned on the TypePad feature which holds back comments and trackbacks for approval before they’re published. It’s not something I like to do, however since I’ll be offline the entire time I don’t want to take the chance I’ll subject Talking Story — and you — to comment and trackback spamminess. I’m sure you understand. Talking Story has not been immune to the inconsiderate in cyberspace, however I usually catch and discard of their rubbish pretty quickly. For the next few days TypePad will have to play interference for me instead.

Here’s an idea: Consider a private retreat of your own, and take a break too. Or do the blog crawl down my right column for some promising visits with the Ho‘ohana Community. I know they’d love to see you.

I’ll be back on Sunday, aloha oe, a hui hou,

P.S. If you really miss me, I will have my regular column up at on Thursday. Enjoy the rest of your week.