It is a day for Thanksgiving

— I give thanks for Aloha, that the breath of life within me and within everyone exists to share unconditional love.

— I give thanks for Ho‘ohana, that our work is best defined by our passions, our good intentions, and our capacity for meaningful purpose.

— I give thanks for ‘Imi ola, that we have the ability to create our own destiny and shape our best future.

— I give thanks for Ho‘omau, that we may fall repeatedly, but we will always get up, and we will persist, proactively causing
the good in life to last.
— I give thanks for KÅ«lia i ka nu‘u, that we pursue excellence and we test the limits of achievement we are capable of.

— I give thanks for Ho‘okipa, that we learn to be the most gracious and giving people we can be in the service we willingly provide for others.

— I give thanks for ‘Ohana, that the human circle of aloha created by our families of birth and of choice constantly surrounds us.

— I give thanks for Lōkahi, that we can understand the strength of character which is our reward when in collaborative harmony and unity with others.

— I give thanks for Kākou, that we can entrust our weaknesses in the strength of others while together we create a greater whole.

— I give thanks for Kuleana, that we can derive such joy in the satisfaction of accepting our responsibilities, and being held accountable for them.

— I give thanks for ‘Ike loa, that there will always be more knowledge and wisdom available to us, keeping our capacity palena ‘ole, without boundaries.

— I give thanks for Ha‘aha‘a, that humility softens the hard edges of our voices and our demeanor, keeping us the people whom others will enjoy the company of.

— I give thanks for Ho‘ohanohano, that it will not allow us to be disrespectful; on the contrary it will ensure we always elevate the dignity of all we encounter.

— I give thanks for Alaka‘i, that we do not shy from initiative and leadership when we can share clarity of vision with others, helping them see the promise we see in the future.

— I give thanks for Mālama, that we continually seek to honor, to protect, and to care for the people and things in need of our stewardship.

— I give thanks for Mahalo, that we live in thankfulness for all the elements which make life so precious and so joyful.

— I give thanks for Nānā i ke kumu, that we seek honesty and truth in our sense of self and our sense of place, so that we live with integrity.

— I give thanks for Pono, that rightness and balance is always possible; further, it is probable when we live demonstrating the good in the values of aloha.

— I give thanks for Ka la hiki ola, that no matter the occasional setback, tomorrow will always be the dawning of a new day, a day of hope and promise.

I give thanks for Managing with Aloha, and that management — yes, management! — has brought such good into our lives. I give thanks that it can, and will, bring good into the lives of others. I have faith, that managers will continue to learn to manage, to work, and to live with aloha.

From the archives: Thanksgiving 2004.


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    On this day of Thanksgiving,

    I must say mahalo nui loa to all of you who have purchased, read, and put Managing with Aloha into your daily practice; thank you so very much. This month marks a year since my book was published, and it

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    I give thanks for blogs, for the Ho’ohana Community and for you, Rosa. I thank you for your generosity, for your insight, and for helping me be better than I am. Much love to you – with Lōkahi and Mālama, I remain your friend in Thanksgiving.

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    Yvonne, you are getting to be so good with choosing the right Hawaiian words (and values) in your messages and comments! I too feel very blessed by our friendship and for our community; blessed, awestruck at times, and extremely grateful.
    Ho‘olōkahi kākou ke mālama (it is together we will achieve harmony and unity, with caring for each member)

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