When does Great Service Happen?

I am speaking to over a dozen groups this month, and with the exception of one, who has asked me to speak on Bottom Line Aloha, The Art of the Sale, all the others have asked me to speak on this question of how they can get great service to happen in their businesses and industries.

It’s a question near and dear to my heart, for I want great service to blossom more than it does too.

When does great service happen?

  1. When you have hired the right people in the first place, and

  2. When you take care of them really really well, providing them with a workplace that is as exceptional as the service you expect them to give others. 

I am convinced there are only these two variables in delivering great service, but you need both, not one or the other:

You can only get great service from people who sincerely and genuinely love giving it, and who love where they work.

I write more about this today on Lifehack.org. Click in here.

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    I was just reading an article on lifehack.org called When does great service happen? According to Rosa, the author:I think there are only two parts to it, but you need both, not one or the other.1. When you have hired