Seek, search, find?

Forget where I had read it, but it was said that Google and the ease of using search engines have forever changed our habits with the internet, in that it is the very rare person who will type in the url for a site’s landing page nowadays. If they do, some will actually type it in the search box instead of the browser’s field.

I see this happening on my three sites pretty often; people get to me by Googling “Rosa Say” “Talking Story” or “Managing with Aloha” all the time, and those searches will bring up different results from week to week, depending on current page popularity. Sometimes the first result isn’t to my site at all, but to another site that has referenced one of my articles, and the author’s done a great job of discussing it there with their own readers — very satisfying too though, in a different kind of way.

It’s an interesting question to consider: Just how important is your landing page? Actually, how important is your home page is a better question, for people can “land” in a whole host of different places.

Then there are those who end up on one of my pages and the fact that I wrote it was not one of their criteria at all ” dish me up another serving of humble pie.

Well, this post is actually a public service for you. When I look at where you did land, you may not have found your answer. So let me help you out with some of the recent searches in my neck of the web on the chance you click back in today:

george leonard mastery book review

—maslow’s lower-level needs lesson
– not specificially that, but I did write about the Maslow pyramid here: Strengths, values and that pyramid

—marcus buckingham quotes – yes, I have written about MB a few times. If I had to choose one place to send you it would be here, compliments of Technorati. My own favorite MB quote was this from the one time I heard him speak in person:

“Companies don’t have one culture. They have as many as they have supervisors or managers. Do you want to build a strong culture? Hold every manager accountable for the culture that he or she builds.”

—leadership learning journey – there are a lot of choices here! Try this post for starters, which was the recap of the Lifelong Learning Ho‘ohana we embarked on last month: Joyful Jubilant Learning: 64 Ways and Counting. Or this one: Lots of Love for Learning: Sept.05 Recap.

Define values – by far the number one search coming to me.

rosa’s daily 5 minutes – Yes! Most satsifying one coming to me! Here is the full index. As you know, I truly believe that 5 Minutes Daily = Work Life Reinvention

Lei Day tradition

looking for a word that means striving for perfection – happy to give you a Hawaiian one! Kulia i ka nu‘u

definition of kuleana. As a value, Kuleana is your personal sense of responsibility. Try this index for more on responsibility and accountability, and everything (I have written so far) on Kuleana.

hawaiian word for land – It’s ‘āina (and those diacritical marks are important). More Hawaiian definitions in my MWA Glossary post: What does this Hawaiian word mean?

what is the difference between management and leadership

customer dignity and bonding. Love the thought… not sure what you were looking for. The Hawaiian values I think of first with this are Aloha (undonditional love), Ho‘okipa (hospitality) and Ho‘ohanohano (respect and honor the dignity of others); especially because dignity should be afforded to everyone, not just customers.

example of leadership philosophy. Whew… how much time do you have? Happy to share mine to start!

Interesting ” we could fill my entire home page if we continue with this ” maybe this should be a new feature! Any searches you’ve been frustrated with in getting answers for (connected to our usual managing with aloha themes)??? Maybe our entire community can help.