October 16 is Bosses Day

Yes, it’s on Sunday, so if you’re taking the weekend off, you know what that means:
A gift for the boss Friday means you make some points, and waiting until Monday is, well, it’s not as good. So your first tip is – get the gift early!

If you’re thinking “Oh no! How will I find the time to find something?” lucky you for clicking in, for I have the perfect recommendation for you.

1344146_1  Lisa Haneberg, author of High Impact Middle Management (and the blogger we all love so dearly at Management Craft) has now brought her ever-impactful writing finesse to the bosses’ table with an e-book called Nine Lives of Leadership: Provocative Advice for Great Leaders. It is 82 pages long and contains bits of wisdom from nine business experts, and you can get it for your boss for only $8.95 from 800CEORead: They’ve made it easy to send to your boss through his or her email.

At that price, you can still afford to get your boss a flower lei too! If you’re thinking your boss doesn’t expect anything from you, — uh, wrong.

The e-book is a great idea: A gift they’ll learn from, resulting in their being a better manager and leader for you. One of those gifts you give that you get back from too … Worth way more to you than that $8.95!

In fact, you may want to get the e-book for yourself too; Lisa interviewing these 9 authors, with commentary guaranteed to be jolted with Lisa’s wonderful humor and good nature – you know it’s going to be fabulous.

The authors are Jason Jennings, Laurence Haughton, Sally Hogshead, Gary Neilson, Peter Han, Tim Sanders, Luda Kopeikina, Eileen Shaprio, and Keith Ferrazzi.

Couldn’t wait, I got mine! Order now and you won’t need to do this:



  1. says

    Wow…great tip, poor company. I ordered mine on Thursday and got it after I called about it on Friday. Unfortunately, they didn’t send it to my boss (which was the whole idea in the first place). This company told me that they’d send it today (Monday!!), but wasn’t Boss’s Day yesterday??
    I think they just lost a customer.

  2. says

    Oh Tim, I’m so sorry to hear that. The product itself is terrific, and I hope in that first mix-up you got to read a copy of it for yourself. I spent more time re-reading some parts of it over the last weekend, and I must say that Lisa Haneberg truly did an exceptional job writing it. Her e-book is jam-packed with knowledge and idea catalysts, and in addition, her writing is exceptional — so very entertaining. One of those rare pleasurable reads.

  3. says

    You’re right Rosa. It is a terrific ebook and a gem of a read (and resource!). To be fair, I did receive an email from the company apologizing for their mistake and refunding my credit card. I’m disappointed by the missed opportunity. That’s a good reminder to all of us in business that delivery is just as (if not moreso) important as content :)