Great news for Managing with Aloha, for Hawaii publishing, and for work

I’m on Cloud 9 this morning: MWA has been selected for a 2005 Ka Palapala Po‘okela Award! I’ve posted more about it on

Managing with Aloha selected for a Ka Palapala Po‘okela Award! announced by the Hawai‘i Book Publishers Association.

The good news for publishing in Hawaii is that the past publishing year saw the highest number of nominations in the 12-year history of the award. In fact, next year will be the inaugural event for the Hawaii Book & Music Festival in the islands: mark your calendars for April 22-23, 2006.

To all of you who have purchased, read, and talked about MWA, thank you.

This recognition has happened because of the buzz you’ve created about how MWA is helping you succeed at work, and I sincerely appreciate it. I am exceptionally grateful. Not just for the success of the book itself, but because we need everyone to manage with the good intent of aloha, bringing more nobility to management if we are to achieve the SLC mission (and my personal mission), of reinventing the workplace for the better. Work can be rewarding, fulfilling, and meaningful for all of us.


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    Way to go Rosa. This is a great award that you definitely deserved to win. Thanks for sharing your aloha with all of us, and as your book continues to sell, for sharing it with everyone else.

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    This is phenomenal news, Rosa! It’s no surprise, either, and is a fine testament to your ‘Imi ola. You’ve done an amazing job of evangelizing Hawai‘i, its values, and touched the global community with your work and spirit.

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    Mahalo nui Dwayne. You know I love it when I start to “hear” my Hawaiian words come back to me, and you are so intuitive in picking out ‘Imi ola this time, for there is no doubt that MWA has been a significant part of my efforts to craft my own best possible life in business these past few years. It is something we can all do, and you also set a great example for us with the aloha you share on Genuine Curiosity. Thank you so much for being part of our Ho’ohana Community.
    Your comment here means a lot to me personally too :)
    Me ke aloha e, Rosa