Are you someone’s boss? Question for you ”

Since I wrote the previous post with a gift recommendation for Bosses’ Day this coming Sunday, I’ve been thinking about the different kinds of gifts that are really good for bosses to get (and you know I’m thinking about managers, just can’t help it).   Lisa’s e-book has started something here, for it’s not just me; at Slacker Manager, Bren’s wondering if maybe that old standby of a coffee mug is a safer bet.

So let’s do a quick, informal poll just for today: If you are a boss, what would you most like to get for Bosses Day from someone you manage?

I’ve been asking a few people the question verbally, and I’m going to continue today as I do my biz-tripping here on O‘ahu. So far some of the answers have been very interesting —most have nothing to do with spending a dime— and I’ll share them with you tomorrow.

Until then, comment lines are open!


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    This may sound a little corny, but the best gift is to hear appreciation from those that you lead that you are making a difference in their lives.
    A couple of years ago, I received a card that was passed around the department with many great things said in that card. That meant more to me than any kind of physical gift.

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    Not corny at all Skip, your answer is the clear winner with all the others I got; appreciation, recognition, and the acknowledgement that what they do (as the boss) is important and matters.