Weekend Learning Links on Business Values: Vol. 5

We can’t have a monthly Ho‘ohana on Lifelong Learning without another edition of our Weekend Learning Links!

Therefore, here is …

Volume 5 of our Weekend Learning Links, where we clearly see that our good business values truly are universal: my Hawaiian words, your teaching of them.

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Adrian Savage shares a great example of empowerment in the building of the Panama Canal. In MWA, empowerment is often discussed when we talk about Alaka‘i, leadership, and Kuleana, responsibility.

“When John Stevens appointed one of his new division heads, he gave these guidelines for how he wanted the job done:

“You won’t get fired if you do something, you will if you don’t do anything. Do something if it is wrong, for you can correct that, but there is no way to correct nothing.”

One of the underlying premises of Ho‘ohana as a value is that all work can be worthwhile in the hands of the right person. Read what Dick Richards offers in Somebody has to dig holes.

“”any work can be done artfully, out of an inner unity and with all of ourselves present, and in order for a person to bring artistry to the work, it must engage the person’s unique genius and fulfill a personally meaningful purpose.”

I love this post that Lisa Haneberg offers on The Power of Making Mistakes. If everyone in our workplaces had Lisa’s attitude about their own mistakes and learned how to harness their own Ha‘aha‘a, humility, we’d get so much more accomplished with far more speed and learning, and far less pain and politicking.

One of my “aloha themes” has long been my assertion that Aloha engenders more customer loyalty (see page 28 of Managing with Aloha if you have a copy) because it creates customer evangelists. Back in August Anita Campbell had offered us a guest article by Laurence Haughton called The Rising Tide of Customer Defection, and I’ve been meaning to point you to it for a while now: I highly recommend it. When you read it, think Aloha, think Ho‘okipa, and think Kuleanayour responsibility for taking care of the other variables involved. My related post on some of those variables was No Room for Mediocrity.

Another long overdue pointer I’ve had marked “as new” in my BlogLines reader for a while now: Terry Storch asked Gary Lamb to write for his What’s Working for You? feature, and Gary wrote on community. He offers terrific advice for all of us, no matter the business we’re in. I had to smile at his Applebee’s marketing strategy. Community relationships are a HUGE part of ‘Ohana. Read what Gary has to say about it, and then write down some of the action steps you’ll commit to taking in your own community.

The more I read Tim Milburn’s blog on developing student leaders, the more I want to somehow appoint Tim to mandatory coach of all university faculty everywhere, so he can infect them with the power of possibility. Read Lessons from the Arch & Aquarium Sharks and let Tim inspire you to blow the lid off your own thinking. ‘Ike loa, and seeking knowledge and wisdom at its finest.

Ho‘omau is the value of persistence and perseverance, and when we encourage others who need our help it can be an incredible gift. John Richardson reminds us of this in Thanks for the gift! Read his story:

“I made a decision that day that would forever change my life. I started over from the beginning.”

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