Learning to like the “B” Word

Oh how well I remember the drill, and how glad I am that I don’t have to do it any more.

Well, I should rephrase that, for I still do it, just not in a mega large company anymore following someone else’s rules.

It’s a much more meaningful process when you do it with your own money, and because you actually want to. I’ve gotten to be somewhat of a rebel over the years, and I like to do it by my own no rules approach, always stretching, always searching, always experimenting, always testing in a way that the metrics of it get to be more fun, more meaningful.

What am I talking about? The “B” word. Click over to my article on www.Lifehack.org today and find out ” betcha anything you say, “oh, that B word.”

Here’s a hint before you click ” look at what category I put this post in. Todd is the one that got me started on this back on Monday.


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    Oh no! The “B” word gets me even more riled up than performance appraisals.
    The budget process is typically a total waste of time. Budgets should be seen for what they are: guesses about an unknowable future. Nothing wrong with that if you want to get an overview of what you expect expenditures and revenues might be. Everything wrong with it if budgets become the equivalent of graven images management worships. Then people must “meet” or “exceed” them or face disapproval, disgrace or worse.
    Hey, a guess is a guess. Maybe right, maybe not. Not a reason for public hangings.
    If people tell lies in performance appraisals, they tell even bigger whoppers in proposing their budgets. What’s the point of a process that encourages lying on an organizational scale, followed by a Spanish Inquisition and the threat of mass executions if things go wrong?

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    Adrian, getting you riled up is just too much fun! However you also continue to amaze with how articulate you are in your spontaneous combustion – no scatter-shot, a bullseye to the heart of the matter every time.
    Todd, I learn more from you every day.
    This community of ours just rocks. Mahalo nui guys, Rosa