Learn something new this week?

Join the excitement here and tell us about it!

I am always doing that which I can not do,
in order that I may learn how to do it.
– Pablo Picasso

We’ve had such terrific guest authors weighing in on our ho‘ohana for lifelong learning this past week; did you catch them all?

In asking us if we are learners, Tim gave us a way to discover our strengths, and Kevin gave us great insights into different types of learning behaviors.

Phil gave us a fabulous new learning mantra with his announcement of the new learning he has planned. Such energy and enthusiasm; how can you not get swept up in it?

And what better way to learn from each other than with stories: Beth and Adrian truly made the journey to Mastery come alive for us in the personal stories they shared.

What did you learn this week?
What are you planning to learn?

…I’ve recommitted to learning Outlook: yes, the same Outlook that I have been using for years now, without fully learning about all the power packed in the program. My GTD journey has been a big stimulus with this, particularly with the capabilities of Outlook Task.

…At the same time, I am learning what I definitely don’t want to use in Outlook (namely Journal and Notes) because even in learning more about it, I still don’t like it.

…Speaking of GTD, I’m learning that the @Context category lessons Allen talks about can help save on the gas bills big time ” when it comes to errands and being on the move, consolidation rules folks.


…I realized I have to learn to use my cell phone better: All I know how to do is make calls, make additions in the phonebook, and program numbers in speed dial, and turn it to silent or vibrate. I still haven’t even figured out how to turn it on speaker ”

“The majority of the world will first experience the Internet through their mobile phones. In round numbers, there were a billion wireless devices sold last year and around 100 million PCs. The odds are much higher that you’ll watch broadcast-broadband content on your phone than on your PC.”

—Jonathan Schwartz, President and CEO, Sun Microsystems Inc.

…Thanks to Leon Ho, of Lifehack.org I learned to use Word Press when doing my first Thursday column for him! I wrote of the 5 Things that Employees Need to Learn—from You, when you are their manager.

…I really love the word jizz now Adrian. And we all learned another new word from the Queen of Mucky Muck and other telling phrases: I’ve always been a devoted chunker ” I just never had a word that cool for it. Thanks Lisa!

The month is still young, and what we’re helping each other do is create a habit of lifelong learning. Get on board!

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