Joyful, Jubilant Learning: 64 ways and counting

Are you ready for this? It’s unbelievably dazzling. The powerful synergy of a learning community, of you. This is what you’ve taught me about Lifelong Learning this month.

These are in no particular order; the numbers are the links to the articles these tasty morsels came from. Click through and savor the feast. Learning is food for mind, heart, and soul.

(1.) Learn from people.
(2.) Take the complex and simplify it.

(3.) Learn that being a learner is a pre-requisite for being a leader.

(4.) Engage in adult learning experiences.
(5.) Understand that observing is learning.
(6.) Grow younger as you learn.
(7.) Give in to wanting something.
(8.) Say yes to more than you normally do.
(9.) Learn mastery.
(10.) Take a leap of faith.
(11.) Learn without the pressure to become expert.
(12.) Understand it is never too late.

(13.) Start a Learning List.
(14.) Show up.
(15.) Reach out: ask for help when you need it.
(16.) Dig in: do everything you can to help yourself.
(17.) Follow your passions, they’re all relevant.

(18.) Cultivate your curiosity.

(19.) Never start reading or trying something you feel indifferent about.

(20.) If you think it will probably be a cool thing to learn, it will be.
(21.) Find a mentor.
(22.) Learn to love the plateaus.
(23.) Learn the importance of context.

(24.) Be flexible and adaptable.

(25.) Learn for the desire to know more.

(26.) Learn to test things.
(27.) Learn to ask Great Questions.
(28.) Learn to ask, “What if?”
(29.) Learn about true empowerment.
(30.) Put your attention where it matters.

(31.) Have a beginner’s mindset.

(32.) Never feel worried by intellectual barriers.

(33.) Learn affirmation language.
(34.) Learn there is power in admitting to mistakes.
(35.) Learn to be bigger than your surroundings.
(36.) Learning isn’t what you have to do, it’s what you want to do.

(37.) Ask broad, open questions.

(38.) Learn through inquiry.

(39.) Learn to define yourself your way.

(40.) Learn what to listen FOR.
(41.) Surround yourself with other learners.

(42.) Learn to reinvent yourself
(43.) Don’t let being "smart" only define what you know.

(44.) Stop the cliches.

(45.) Be open to learning. Be ready for it.

(46.) Learning is about the potential of who you can become.

(47.) Remember "wait time."

(48.) Learn from your children.

(49.) Step into the unknown.

(50.) Reduce the risk.

(51.) Learn to change your mind.

(52.) Learn how others know what they know.

(53.) Learn the new tricks.

(54.) Recognize your learning.

(55.) Make connections in your learning.

(56.) The best learning doesn’t always come to you, you need to go looking for it.

(57.) Withhold judgment.

(58.) Go back to school – by choice.

(59.) Learn by pushing through fear.

(60.) Learn by doing.
(61.) Focus on individually directed learning.

(62.) Make lifestyle choices in your learning.

(63.) Learn to be happy.
(64.) Succumb to learning serenity.
(65.) Learning is aimed to foster transformation. Period.

Mahalo nui loa to my Guest Authors here on Talking Story this month. These were our Alaka‘i ka ‘ike, our leaders in learning:

Beth Robinson, with Learning Plateaus

Tim Milburn, with Are You a Learner?

Phil Gerbyshak, with Showing up, Reaching out, and Digging in!

Adrian Savage, with Serendipitous Learning

Kevin Eikenberry, with Being A Continuous Learner

Felix Gerena, with Learning and the Richness of Life

Skip Angel, with Learning Trigger Points

Tim Milburn, with Lead Your Learners To Better Thinking

Adrian Trenholm, with Astronauts, Toastmasters, and Lifelong Learning

Jeff Young, with My Learning Journey

Dwayne Melancon, with Refuse to be Defined by Your Daypart

Yvonne DiVita, with The Art of Reinvention

Hanna Cooper, with Path of Learning

Wayne Hurlbert, with Lifelong Learning: Stop the clichés

Steve Sherlock, with Life Long Learning

There’s more! Our Ho‘ohana Community extends beyond the humble pages of Talking Story. These are the community-connected articles to Lifelong Learning that were posted this month in the blogosphere.
[If I have somehow missed yours, please do email me with the link and I’ll add it in here.]

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Taco Bell New Tampa at Rothacker Reviews
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I’m Grateful to be Grateful at The Coyote Within
What Katrina can Teach us About Leadership at Kevin’s Blog, which was the inspiration for this post I did, Lessons in Leadership.
Observing is Learning at Rothacker Reviews
Sharpen Your Saw by Continuously Learning at Make It Great!
Saying “Yes” to Life at The Coyote Within
Lessons From the Arch & Aquarium Sharks at
See the picture … BANG! at Genuine Curiosity
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Inspiration Clipped Out at Humanyms
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Lifelong Learning: A Posting Series at Blog Business World
Reading in Other Fields Nearly Always Leads Back to Education at Education Niche
Education is a Universal Concept at Education Niche
Connections to the Land at Rothacker Reviews

Last (for now!) Leon Ho was such the generous Mea Ho‘okipa at for allowing me to extend my ho‘ohana on lifelong learning there to his blog this month. These were those articles:

5 Things Employees Need to Learn—from You
WorkHack: The Attitude of Q. & D.
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