A more graceful aging, Voice.

One thing I’ve always wished I could do was sing, but alas, the voice of a songbird was not to be one of my gifts. In fact, just talking was struggle enough. Growing up I hated the sound of my voice. It was too high, too young, too everything else but what I wanted it to portray about me.

Over the years I’ve gotten to be okay with my voice. Still not loving it, but okay with it, okay being an epic improvement in this case. I think my voice has finally changed somewhat, but those who’ve known me longest say no, it’s just my imagination, and that I’m the one who finally changed in coming to grips with something that wasn’t all that bad as I think in the first place. Friends say nice things.

My mom says she thinks it’s changed too, but I’ll admit I believe her because I want to, not because she’s right. After all, moms are so wonderful about telling you exactly what you want to hear, at times feeling that the “plain, straight, hard truth” is not always all it’s cracked up to be, at least not for their kids. Bless them.

Where I’m leading to with this ramble, is that thanks to Bren, our beloved Slacker@Work and Slacker Manager, I’ve had this getting-vintage voice of mine finally captured in a podcast. Have you noticed how much stuff Bren manages to get me into?

So if you’ve been reading Talking Story and Managing with Aloha for the past year, and have wondered what I sound like in person, here’s your chance to find out. Well, half of the chance. I’m still working on the “in person” part. Hey Bren, any ideas on that?

Find the podcast at The Cranky Middle Manager, hosted by Wayne Turmel. Mahalo nui Wayne for making it so easy for me. This one definitely fits with ‘Ike Loa in my learning category this month!


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