2 Labor Day Mantras

Two different mantras for this Labor Day, both needed.

1. A dip into the archives: ah! the joy of being over a blog-year old!

A Labor Day Acronym for you

2. At Rothacker Reviews, Dave has welcomed Labor Day with some heartfelt posts about the relief efforts with Katrina, and I must add my amen to this:

We do not need criticism brought down on those who are trying to help.  And, we do not need an environment of sensationalism from any source of media in this country – and that includes blogs.

Instead, Dave urges us to support September 2005 as

National Preparedness Month

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the American Red Cross had declared the month of September, National Preparedness Month.  With the attention of America today, on the basic necessities that need addressed following Katrina, we might lose sight of the fact that hurricane season is not over.  In addition, there are other events that we need to be prepared for.

If by donating to organizations like the American Red Cross doesn’t quench your need for action, then I implore you to visit the American Red Cross Get Prepared site and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Get Prepared site.  Go there, learn and take action!

Yes, we can learn from Katrina. We must.