We Talk Story with Tom Ehrenfeld this week!

I had previously announced that Monday, August 15th would be the day of my interview with Tom Ehrenfeld, business journalist and author of The Startup Garden. Slight change of plans: We will be talking story with Tom all week long!

Once our interview started, I found it incredibly difficult to stop, for talking to Tom is, well, you’ll read for yourself why. Let me just say that you are in for a treat, and I have much mahalo (gratitude and appreciation) for Tom’s generosity in sharing his time and his honest mana‘o (thoughts, convictions and beliefs) with all of us this month, especially in light of what he currently has going on already. If this is not an extraordinary Virtual Ho‘olaule‘a, (celebration) and you can imagine a better one, I’d like to hear about it!

Meet Tom as the Mea Ho‘okipa he is, the giving host.

In agreeing to this format, Tom has opened the door to talking story with all of you too.
Thus my decision to spill our interview over into installments throughout the week: You will soon see how each interview segment is incredibly rich with the possibilities for more discussion.

I encourage you to jump into the comment conversation this week: If you have never done so on a blog before, there is no better time, with the bonus of feeling the aloha of our entire Ho‘ohana Community of readers. I know that personally I’ll have to restrain myself and give the rest of you a turn!

We get started tomorrow as promised. Today, I’ll end with some quick links you can use as reference points, or to catch up with us if you are just clicking in (so be sure to open the extention of this post). I’ll also be updating this entry all week long as a Table of Contents for our future reference, with a home-page resident link parked for you in the Lōkahi features column to the right.

Let’s Talk Story!

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Our August Ho‘ohana is Ho‘olaule‘a; Celebration! What we’re celebrating this month with Tom’s help. A Contest with great prizes too! Let’s get on with it! Ho‘olauale‘a prizes :)

Tom Ehrenfeld and The Startup Garden. More about Tom, our calendar for the month’s celebration, and links to free book excerpts!

Why The Startup Garden? Why the book (and our entire discussion this month) is not just for entrepreneurs. It is for you and for everyone who works.

Book Review: The Startup Garden by Tom Ehrenfeld, How growing a business grows you.

Climbing the Entrepreneurial Decision Tree: Tom writes a new article for us!

Buy Tom’s book on Amazon or on 1-800-Ceo-Read (Read the Jack Coverts Selects Book Review on this last page-link too.)

Table of Contents to our Talk Story with Tom

Interview Part One: Tom Ehrenfeld’s Ho‘ohana and Kaona

Interview Part Two: Tom Ehrenfeld on MBAs and The Entrepreneurial Mindset.
Interview Part Three: More from Tom! Scale, Scope, Size, and Song?
Interview Part Four: Entrepreneurship: Get Started. Make the Call.

Tom’s Recommended Reading for our Ho‘ohana Community

“My favorite business books manage to blend the instructional with the personal (a good example would be Managing by the Numbers, a spirited guide that teaches companies how to instill financial literacy among its employees.)”

“Eric Tyson is author of the very lovely Dummies books Personal Finance for Dummies and Investing for Dummies (which are much smarter than people give them credit for in my opinion!)”

Regarding the Entrepreneurial Mindset: “Peter Drucker’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship, which is probably my favorite book about entrepreneurship, is far more suited to entrepreneurs within large companies. But the applications of his ideas are useful to everyone.”