The Rule of Synergy

I am so thankful that Troy Worman pointed us to this article written for the ThirdAge blog by Jory Des Jardines:

The Rule of Synergy: Accepting a Life of Ease

The Rule of Synergy states (OK, I state—no one published the thing): When your life is working; when you are on a path of purpose and meaning, your life circumstances seem to maneuver in your favor. The path becomes clear of obstacles. You meet the people you need to help you get to where you want to go, at a time when they have the ability and resources to help you.

Jory Des Jardines at The ThirdAge Blog

I highly recommend you read Jory’s article in its entirety, for it is rich with related insights. However it is this single definition she gives which intrigues me with its alignment to managing with aloha.

Synergy is something I talk about fairly often in my coaching, mostly in the context of creative collaboration, teamwork and finding better alternatives. The Hawaiian values I’ll draw the most parallels to are Lōkahi (harmony and unity) and Kākou (togetherness and inclusiveness).

How is it that I have never heard of this Rule of Synergy?

Truth be told, I probably am a personal development junkie like Jory claims to be, and I adore conferences and seminars, however I don’t chew on self-help books as an entire genre, just the ones that pertain to management, leadership, and business theory. Perhaps I need to read even more than I already do. (Kidding! Don’t get nervous.)

I believe the Rule of Synergy, this state of being in the right life circumstances, happens for people all the time, and as Jory describes it, it is absolutely fantastic.

Unfortunately, people don’t recognize it, and if they do, they have a problem accepting it. They don’t allow it to be good enough, and they move on. Just think if they had invested enough time growing at that place they’d found their fertile ground, just long enough for the fruits of their growth to reveal themselves. For those other gardeners to come along, the ones that Jory calls “the people you need to help you get to where you want to go.”

Too often, we make the mistake of listening to other noisy, distracting voices, voices we allow to drown out our own, and we move ourselves into work circumstances that are so much less healthy and far less opportune for us. I know this is a stereotypical example, but it suits: Think of that mom or dad explaining to their son or daughter, the incredibly sensitive, gifted artist, that “drawing those pictures won’t pay your bills, and we can’t take care of you forever.”

In reading Jory’s definition I am now drawing new parallels to Nānā i ke kumu, the Hawaiian value of truth, which looks to a person’s inner sources for the answer to Pono, (balance and rightness). When you think you are where you belong, and you are happy, and you begin to have dreams of the possibilities before you, you probably are where you belong.

Listen to your own voice. Trust it.
Go with the flow and let the Rule of Synergy work in your favor. Let it be right.

Is there more work involved? Sure there is. But at least it’s the right work, and the work you should be doing.

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