Perspectives on Finding your Calling

Lisa Haneberg collected some great references in a post she wrote this past Friday on something we’ve talked about all month long; finding your calling.

I think we make things more complex than they have to be sometimes. If you read books or articles about people who have done this, they often share the same basic steps – they created a plan, then worked the plan.

Some people take a lifetime to figure out their calling. Some never do. Doing cool stuff now. That has great appeal. Perhaps it is not about determining the calling, but about actualizing a calling. Perhaps it is about taking a look at the things you are drawn to, things that naturally come easy to you, and things you love, and determining which is most actionable? Then acting.

— Lisa Haneberg

If you are struggling with any of these questions and want to add to the perspectives that Tom and I have shared with you this month, I encourage you to click into Lisa’s Management Craft and to these other links she’d offered:

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And don’t forget: Finding Your Calling is Chapter One of Tom’s book. I’d recommend you start there if you haven’t read it yet.