Identify the strengths of those you manage

Over at Random Thoughts from a CTO, Skip has some great tips for identifying strengths.  In a post titled Strengths Hunting he includes,

  • Listen for Yearnings
  • Watch for Satisfactions
  • Watch for Rapid Learning
  • Glimpses of Excellence
  • Total Performance of Excellence

I encourage you to click in and read the rest of what Skip has to say, for he explains each one.

I’ll offer another great way that you as a manager can discover the strengths in your people: Ask them.

Skip gives us some great clues, but sometimes these things are not as apparent as they may seem, for people are accustomed to putting themselves “on stage” while they are at work; They get their game face on.

So what are the questions you should ask? Personally I’ve found that those suggested by the Gallup team work great, and specifically this one that Marcus Buckingham repeats in his last book, The One Thing You Need To Know because it keeps things in the context of work:

What was the best day at work you’ve had in the last three months?

  • What were you doing?
  • Why did you enjoy it so much?

If you ask the question first, Skip’s listing then gives you a great way to read the answer you get, identifying those strengths that add the fire in their eyes, and bounce in their step.

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