Ash, soot, and the smell of smoke, but it’s home.

We were able to come back home at about 7am this morning. Home to a mess, with everything covered in ash and soot, and the smell of smoke lingering throughout the house.

However as we drove home we could see the vast blackness of the burnt hillside, and how close the hungry fire had come, so just being able to come back to a home was very very good indeed. According to news reports over 25,000 acres were scorched, the most ever in a brush fire here on the Big Island.

Thankfully the brush was all the fire claimed.

It’s been a long day of cleaning, and we’ve all tired. Fresh linens have been put on all the beds, and sleep will be wonderful tonight.

Looking forward to a return to normalcy tomorrow.


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    Glad to see that your place wasn’t harmed, or any other places or people from what you wrote. A little cleaning won’t hurt anybody…and think about how fresh everything will look and smell ;-)

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    Aloha Skip, mahalo nui for the good thoughts. So true what you say about the cleaning. The whole family got into it with a kind of vengeance yesterday. We’re likely to continue into this weekend, for there are now some unfinished projects we started in our zeal to honor our home in all its glory. We tackled things that have been left neglected for quite some time – like shampooing the family room carpet to get the smoky smell out of it.
    This morning I’m enjoying the routine of getting back to business; it’s nice to savor the routines of our lives we take for granted most times.

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    I’ve been listening to the radio with concern for those dealing with the fire. Glad to hear you and your family are okay, if a little smoky.

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    Aloha Kris and Phil, and to all of you who have been sending me such caring emails, thank you so very much. Your thoughtfulness for me and my family has truly touched my heart; and I keep talking to all my neighbors about you as we swap cleaning stories!
    Sincerely, I am so appreciative: the right words escape me and I know I’m not expressing this well at all, but please know how much your taking the time to write a sentence or two has meant to me.
    Aloha kaua e,