Are you meant to be a manager?

If your answer to this question is a resounding, definitive YES! Great. You realize that being a great manager is a calling, and you probably join me very actively in bringing more nobility to our profession.

I think of myself as the managers’ advocate, I really do. I’m thrilled that many different people read Managing with Aloha, whether they are managers or not, yet soon into my book I say it outright that I wrote Managing with Aloha for managers. I want to help managers everywhere, and give them tools to work with so they grow from good to great. They hold too much responsibility not to.

I’ve posted a lot of encouragement for managers here on Talking Story, and I write posts with titles like this:

Better Believe it: Managers Matter.

So it drives me crazy when I run across sites like The Stained Apron, made possible because there are so many people out there who hold managerial positions for the wrong reasons. They need to wake up and smell the coffee: Management is not a job that suits them.

From The Stained Apron; Your manager said what?

Via Darren, via Matt.
I can appreciate the humor in a lot of this, but I cringe at the underlying truth of each story.

If management is just too hard for you, if you are blundering repeatedly and you seldom find the rewards there are in managing other people, please, stop.

Discover what your true calling is, and get a job you will be a star in, because as long as you persist with bad management practices, you give the rest of us a bad name. Further, you can’t possibly be happy. Why are you doing that to yourself?

I want to read the good stories about management. The stories of aloha. If you have them, please share them.


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    Living From The Inside Out

    Living from the outside in — letting others determine what you choose in life and following external expectations — is a sure recipe for unhappiness. Try living from the inside out instead and become the person you are meant to be.