Weekend Learning Links on Business Values: Vol. 4.

Volume 4 of our Weekend Learning Links, where we clearly see that our good business values truly are universal: my Hawaiian words, your teaching of them.

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On Mahalo: Living in thankfulness and expressing your appreciation and gratitude to others. Say thank you often; people need to hear it from you.

The Rarest of Gifts written by Stacy at Virtualosophy

On ‘Ike loa: The value of learning; to seek knowledge and wisdom. Books are rich sources of learning, however the stories which teach us can come from other unexpected places too.

Weeds & Roses written by Tim at studentl.inc

On Lōkahi: The value of teamwork, collaboration and cooperation. Synergy comes from creative alternatives and inclusive attitudes.

Trading spaces: Bartering for business written by Wayne at Blog Business World

On Ho‘omau: The value of persistence. Adversity and obstacles can make you stronger. There is much growth which comes from our efforts. There is little satisfaction in giving up.

On Struggle and Progress written by Hanna at Making A Difference

On ‘Imi ola: Seeking your best possible life with a focus on strength and mission. Are we also strong enough to let those who know us best help us?

What is your dream job? written by Terry at TerryStorch.com

On Kākou: The language of “we” and the Hawaiian value of inclusiveness. Together we are better, and we are stronger. Together we can achieve so much more than we can individually.

Note to Self: Leaders Are Not Saviors written by Chris at The Alchemy of Soulful Work

On Alaka‘i: The value of leadership. Those who are Alaka‘i possess a strong belief in their own capacity and in the power of possibility. They are confident optimists, filled with hope.

Are we talking management or leadership? Written by Skip at Random Thoughts of a CTO

On Nānā i ke kumu: Look to your source, find your truth. There is an inner wellspring inside all of us, and we go to this inner well to get healthy, and to feel energized.

Learning About Myself written by Scott at scotthodge.org

On Ho‘ohana: Working with purpose and intent, and doing the work you love. Work should be meaningful and fulfilling for you. Your life is too important to squander away on anything less.

Why do you work so hard? is a pointer offered by Bren, at The Slacker Manager

On Ho‘ohanohano: The value of integrity, dignity and respect. Conducting oneself with honor and distinction is always possible, no matter the circumstances.

Sorry, but I’m not buying from you! written by Ken at Prosperity for You!

On Ho‘okipa: the Hawaiian value of service and hospitality. Welcome both guests and strangers with your spirit of aloha.

Lisa at Management Craft is on vacation, and Mea Ho‘okipa that she is, she has opened her home to a stellar line-up of guest authors. Go to her main page and meet them all.

And on Values themselves:

More about Values ” And Coyote written by Adrian at The Coyote Within

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  1. says

    And, Rosa, what a generous demonstration of how you act out each of these values every day here on this blog: aloha, hospitality, inclusiveness, acting with intent, learning, persistence, thankfulness, leadership, integrity, mission focused, etc!

  2. says

    Aloha Hanna, and thank you so much for this comment. I do appreciate your kindness :)
    Truth is, you all are writing such good stuff I feel compelled to share it! Not to mention that the value of our Ho’ohana Community takes a lot of pressure off me.
    You all bring so much truth to this:
    Kākou — we are so much better together!
    Mahlo nui,

  3. says

    Values Hierarchies

    Rosa has collected a great list of writing on business values and I’m proud and grateful she included a link to this blog. However, there is one thing I think may have been missed. Values come in hierarchies.