Up to Volcano!

RosaI wish I could somehow bring all of you who read Talking Story and Managing with Aloha to Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park with me for the Wilderness Run tomorrow morning. We’d walk it, and talk story the entire way, just drinking in the wonder of it all, our aloha and our sense of community.

In both Managing with Aloha and my manifesto I talk about the spirit which is in aloha, and in any time spent at Volcano most people will feel the connection of spirit to land very powerfully. For instance, this was in an email I received yesterday from another Big Island resident planning to do the Wilderness Run as well:

I read your July Ho’ohana article and wanted to say, “Have a great and fun race on Saturday.”  I will be running the 10-miler.  The Volcano run is my absolute favorite sporting event.  This run is part physical and spiritual.  You can feel the energy of the place while out there.  I’m always amazed by it.  I’m so glad you’re doing it.  I hope to see you after the race!

Sense of place is something I describe in MWA as the feel of a place, and the feel for a place, and Volcano is one of those very special parts of our islands where you simply do have to feel it. Words never seem to be adequate, and yet words also become so unnecessary; everyone there with you understands. I recall that Beth talked about this a bit here. And Robin did here.

Pictures will have to do. Now to find a camera” wish I could just pack Robin! The picture in this post is another of hers. How lucky are we that she sends them to share! She had taken it in Hilo, on the east side of the island, which I’ll be passing through on the drive to Volcano later today.

I’ll be back on Sunday, a hui hou.

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