The Hall of Fame

Happy 10th Anniversary to!

What a bonanza they have put together in their celebration.

In particular, I’m anticipating a weekend of some really great reading in the special essays written for them by their 10th Anniversary Hall of Fame authors.

Let’s see how well you know me: Which do you think I clicked on first?

Marcus Buckinghamhint

Stephen Coveyhint

Mitch Albomhint

Jim Collinshint

Come on now, this is really easy.

Be sure to enter their Wish List Spree, and Dream BIG: it would be so cool if someone in our Ho‘ohana Community were to win it!

… If you want a tip on what book you could start your Wish List with, use this one. [Again, one guess… I have to sell a lot more books to join this big league…]


  1. Dave says

    Stepping into the Hall of Fame author section is like walking down a path and finding a penny. And a little further down you find a nickel. Still further and it’s a quarter. Think you got any chance at all of not walking any further down the path?
    I’ll not spoil Rosa’s question with a first comment answer, but I will tell you, when I clicked on that person I could swear I was listening to Rosa talk.