Packing Checklist: include your Workout

For those of you who travel, Jason Womack posted an article on his blog last week which fits in perfectly with our Ho‘ohana this month: fitting in exercise and better health habits into your daily routine.

How to travel a lot AND work out.

I have come up with 5 things busy travelers do that will all but ensure they DON’T work out while they are on the road.

They do not have workout gear.

They do not have an upcoming event.

They do not have a goal.

They do not have a training partner.

They do not have motivation.

Read how he tackles these self-imposed obstacles one by one.

He mentioned something else I never considered before, and I love the idea:

“I will often find a local bike shop to rent from so that one of the days I am visiting town I can hop on a bike and go. (I do travel with my own bike shoes and helmet.)”

It brought back a memory for me of bike tours we had done as a family years ago while on vacation on Maui: it was good exercise AND great fun. You can cover a lot more ground on a bike (than on foot) and you can see great vistas of new towns that are not accessible with your rental car. Bikes are not only for triathletes.

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