Pack Rat No More

My June Ho‘ohana on ‘ÅŒpala ‘ole seems to have been very timely for many of you to adopt as a summer-long project, for I’m still getting emails about it — glad to hear it!

Once again, ‘ÅŒpala ‘ole translates to without (‘ole) rubbish (‘ÅŒpala), and our goal was to clear out the clutter in our lives so we could make room for better things.

Today I got an email from a fellow pack rat who had reprinted a Sidebar they read in Woman’s Day magazine’s June 21, 2005 issue, and I thought it was great. I’ve always been a fan of good self-talk: We can create better habits for ourselves with some of these tricks.

Pack Rat No More

These are the four excuses we often use to avoid parting with clutter, says professional organizer Lorie Marrero. Here’s how to send them packing for good:

Excuse: I might need it someday.

What to say instead: I haven’t used it in years. If I need it again, I can always buy or borrow another one.

Excuse: I paid good money for that.

What to say instead: If I keep this but don’t use it, it’s still being wasted. Better to let someone else get some use out of it.

Excuse: It’s still perfectly useful.

What to say instead: It may be useful, but it’s not useful to me, and it’s taking up time and space in my life.

Excuse: It was a lovely gift.

What to say instead: It will make a lovely gift for someone else. Who shall I give it to?

Mahalo nui for sharing this Laurie!

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