My butt is starting to hurt

My butt is starting to hurt. Or as my son, Mr. Physically Fit himself, implores me to say, “Glutes, mom, say glutes.”

And that hurt is a very good thing.

I can feel it when I’m on my run in the morning, and that means I’ve shed those extra pounds that were just fat and I’m starting to tone!

How are you doing with your July Ho‘ohana? We’re a good twelve days into it, so are you feeling better yet?

If you need another push in the right direction, consider downloading the ChangeThis manifesto by Dr. Michael Gonzales called Barriers to Health.

He starts by saying that we all pretty much agree that regular exercise is good for us, so why don’t we do it? Then he offers his explanation of the three barriers that get in our way: Time (i.e. finding it), Motivation (i.e. getting motivated), and Worthiness (i.e. feeling that you are worth it). If these sound like any of your excuses, download it and read what the good doctor has to say.

In his motivation discussion, this sentence in particular jumps out at you (literally ” take a look at the manifesto):

“Your body is not stupid, and therefore avoids that which is not enjoyable.”

So how do you make it enjoyable?

For me, picking the right time has a lot to do with it. I exercise in the morning because it’s my favorite part of the day; I am definitely a morning person. I’m up by 5am and in full exercise mode by 5:30am (stretching, weights and some resistance stuff). By 6am I’m hitting the pavement for my run, because Big Island sunrises are just glorious, and the best view of the sun coming up is just short of 2 miles from my house near the Waikoloa stables, where the sun gets cradled between the Kohala Mountains and Mauna Kea (“white mountain” The 4,200 meter high summit of Mauna Kea in Hawaii houses the world’s largest observatory for optical, infrared, and submillimeter astronomy.)

Mauna_kea2Space Shuttle photograph of Mauna Kea volcano. The light colored area at the summit of the volcano is glacial deposits. Glaciers covered the summit between 29,000 and 10,000 years ago. Numerous cinder cones dot the surface of Mauna Kea. Waipio Valley (top-right corner) is a deep erosional valley in Kohala volcano.
(Photo and caption credit). Not what I actually see of course, but I thought it was a very cool photo.

If there was a summer rain the night before, there is this just-washed crisp freshness to everything: The plants are greener, the road itself is cleaner, the smells are more fragrant. If there happens to be an early morning drizzle I feel like I’m getting this blessing from heaven.
By 7am I’m usually back in my garden for my cool-down, and depending on the season I’m picking mangoes and Ka‘u oranges (now. Yummy!) vegetables before the wild turkeys get to them, or flowers for the house.

So because of the exceptionally good fortune of living where I do, running becomes more than a physical pleasure for me; it intensifies so many other senses and self-indulgences.

The timing is also a biggie for me because I am done by 7: It heats up pretty quickly here, and I don’t like running in the sun and having to deal with sunscreen, a cap and sunglasses. The less gear the better, and hey, that’s huge with me in keeping it enjoyable.

Get creative with your own ideas: move out the furniture around your television and replace it with every impulsively-bought exercise toy you bought so you only watch tv when you are exercising — with the whole family. Join a club in a neighborhood different from yours so you can meet new people and do some networking.

By the way, in his manifesto, Dr. Gonzales goes on to say,

“The answer here is about forming a habit. Once you form a habit via repetitious exercise, your mind is no longer involved in the decision process of whether or not to work out. This greatly increases the likelihood that you will work out and work out consistently.”

My bold highlights — Sounds pretty GTD-ish and Covey-ish to me, right in line with our previous discussions lately. So go for the gusto and the full synchronization here: bring your good health into the picture.

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    I can just hear Zach admonishing you on your muscle terminology…too funny.
    Thanks for the recommendation on how to kick my personal health program into gear. I don’t find much cheer in working out and that’s the reason that any attempts at a program are short lived. Looks like I need to find some joy in developing a good habit, rather than all these pesky bad habits I seem to have these days. Be well.

  2. says

    Congratulations on your sore muscles! I find the best trick for keeping myself motivated is changing my program around from time to time. One day I’ll do aerobics, one day I’ll go for a hike, another day I’ll run, or try a marshall arts class. If I always do what I feel I never get bored, and I keep my mind active too :)

  3. says

    Jay you are right about mixing it up for physical reasons too: When I was still a corporate exec my Spa Director would constantly admonish me to stop being so routine with my exercise. He’d always say that other than the aerobic benefit I’d reach a point where my body was unresponsive to the repetition.
    Chris, I envy the years you still have to get that great playtime exercise with your daughters – that’s real joy! At times Zach will run with me, and even though he dances around me and taunts me unmercifully about how “old and slow” I am, I must say I’ll really miss it when he’ll be away at college mere weeks from now. And he really pushes me: I get great workouts with him just because the conversation is so distracting!