July ’05: Talking Story Recap


July had the potential of being an individually satisfying month for every single person in our Ho‘ohana Community. We set mid-summer goals for our better health, making those investments in ourselves which renew and rejuvenate. I applaud each and every one of you who made the commitment to exercise more, eat better, or make those lifestyle changes which in some way would create better health habits for you.

I have the benefit of using Talking Story to write down my own commitments very publicly at times, knowing full well that you will keep me to them!  So here’s the final report, short and sweet:

Volcano_032—I wanted to lose 10 vacation-added pounds, and I did! Exactly. Did it the smart way, with better nutrition, and consistent exercise.

—I committed to doing the Kilauea Crater 5-Mile Run, and I did! I worked up to a 7.4 mile daily run to train for it, and I’m happy to say it all paid off;
The Run was fantastic.


I didn’t really care about my timing, stopping to take about 50 pictures along the way: The Volcano Wilderness Runs are easily among the most scenic in the world. And so with this casual attitude about it, I have to say I was pretty happy with my stats: 25th place of 232 overall, 14th female of 158, and 4th of the 53 in my division. I’ll post more pictures soon.

On to the month’s Recap:

In descending order, by number of visits, these were the top five posts for Talking Story this month:

Office perfection; ah! – bliss. This one by far was the runaway winner: a post about our all-summer MWA3P project (GTD + 7 Habits + MWA = MWA3P) in regard to our offices and other work spaces.

The Daily Five Minutes. More and more managers are finding out how informal, yet regularly planned-for 5-minute conversations can drastically improve their relationships with their staff. This is the excerpt from MWA which explains.

July Ho‘ohana: Here’s to good health. Our ho‘ohana this month struck a chord with many of us. We seem to be in agreement that our health is the ultimate reality check for us. When you or a loved one are in poor health, every other priority in the world pales in comparison.

Investment Banking at the Prescott Starbucks. This is a hold-over from last month which is still wracking up several visits nearly every day. Good ideas just never get old! I’ll be returning to Prescott near the end of August; perhaps I’ll visit Mr. Perez again”

Changing your habits: How badly do you want to? This is a fairly short post which was my commentary on another article by Stephanie Burns called Installing a new habit and breaking an old one.

I would also like to again say mahalo nui loa (thank you very, very much) to the generous bloggers this month who helped me promote my new Managing with Aloha manifesto on ChangeThis.com. You will find them all listed here:
Managing with Aloha. Yes! You can too!

Tomorrow, a brand new Ho‘ohana for August. I have a couple of surprises lined up for you, so be sure to check back!

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