It really does take only 5 Minutes!

Mahalo to Stacy Brice for this find:

The Daily Five Minutes is mentioned in this article in The Globe and Mail within the line-up of tips given in their Monday Morning Manager column written by Harvey Schachter:

Alternative: Rosa Say, author of Managing With Aloha, recommends a daily, 10-minute, no agenda chat with one staff member to improve the manager’s listening skills and build relationships. When supervising more than 350 employees, she held nine a day, concentrating on direct reports several times a week and others less frequently, but made sure that everyone got such chats.

Folks, it really does take only 5 minutes and not 10. I have to admit that as a VP (during that time Mr. Schachter refers to) even I in my efforts to set a good example would have been hard pressed to make it 10 minutes with 9 people per day!

Here’s another email that came to me about the same time as Stacy’s FYI this morning:

Aloha Ms. Rosa,

It takes only 5-minutes to make a huge difference in improving my communication and relations with my staff!   Since adopting the Daily 5 Minutes practice, I find myself to be more in tune with my employees and what is going on outside of my office.   5 Minutes may seem brief, but for some of my employees who had expressed this to me, they appreciate the 5 Minutes of my attention; for them, I have given them the gift of my time – even though it is only 5 minutes to me daily.   The 5 Minutes allow my staff to express to me their mana’o, information and issues that would not have shared in larger team meetings.   I have accomplished more in these 5 Minutes than I would have in much longer meetings.

It only took me 5 Minutes to write this email to you!

Mahalo and Regards,

William Koo

V.P. E-Business,
Channel Management & Travel Distribution

ASTON Hotels & Resorts
ResortQuest Hawaii

Great job William!

Sidebar: Apparently Mr. Schachter had clicked in to this recent post of mine as his source. You’ll see that his article compiles several blogger’s tips ” very interesting how the media is evolving, isn’t it?

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