15,842 steps = 6 miles. Just a bit extra.

13,202 steps running = 5 miles,

14,522 steps running = 5.5 miles, and

15,842 steps running = 6 miles.

Well, for me it does. I’m all of 5’1” tall with a short stride to match. When I’ve worked up to a consistent 5 miles on my morning runs I’m pretty happy about my overall fitness. Weight, tone, nutrition, everything falls into place because I’m intentionally working on it. I just naturally seem to eat better and I sleep better. It’s a great place to be. I enjoy my running so much more because I’m in better shape, and on weekends I find I easily will run 6 miles having no rush to get back home and start the work day.

Counting tomorrow I have just four more days to train for my Volcano Wilderness Run on Saturday. The run is a little over 5 miles, and so in these next four days I’m aiming for that magic 15,842 number on my trusty pedometer, doing 6 miles every morning. It’s just the extra I need to feel really good about the shape I’ll be in when that starting whistle blows Saturday morning.

I’ve always been like this with my goals and objectives. Reaching them are great, but reaching them plus just a bit extra is very cool. It gets me to set the next goal with just a bit more stretch, and I’ll buckle down faster and not cram everything into the last minute. That just a bit extra will mean that I’ve accomplished something a notch better, faster, or smarter somehow, and the great feeling that goes with it can be rewarding just in and of itself.

What’s the bit extra you’re reaching for these days?

H2_1Pedometer: 15,446
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    Great job and good luck on Saturday! I can’t wait to hear how it goes and to see the pictures!
    The little extra = the 1 extra rep while lifting weights, the last burst of speed during a training run, the voicemail after hours to a employee that had a bad day…
    Great post!

  2. says

    Pictures Todd? I have to take pictures?
    I do suppose my solitary Haleakala Album on the About Page is getting a bit old for all of you…
    Good extras. I especially like the last one!