Warmth and caring are words describing ”

The global connections one can make thanks to the internet.

Who would’ve thought?

Who would’ve thought that “warmth” and “caring” would be the words that first come to mind to describe four days’ worth of messages via the sleek, cool, calculating, electronic wonder of the internet?

Who would’ve thought that a machine crunching data would become a vehicle of communication magic?

Who would’ve thought that aloha could be felt and experienced so globally by people who have never personally met each other?

We did.

I just got home late this evening having been away since June 16th. A great time, both for vacation with family and for business alone (more coaching nirvana! I love my life!) yet a much longer stretch than normal for me. When I re-docked my laptop after four days unexpectedly offline I was warmed up so deliciously by the emails waiting for me from many of you, most saying something like, “Rosa, where are you? All okay? Just want to let you know I’m thinking about you. Post again soon, would ya?”

Mahalo nui for your thoughtfulness and your aloha. I’ve much catching up to do, and if you have written me or commented here I will respond as soon as I can.

My aloha to all of you, my warm and caring Ho‘ohana Community. It is good to be home with you, and I’ll post more soon.


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    hello, and welcome back home, dear Rosa!
    I’m happy to share with you that I’ve now received your amazing book and hope to find some time pockets really soon, for a focused reading. I’ve been away working as a travelling college examinator as well, still getting home every night but only to prepare a last reading and some helpful notes and questions for tomorrow’s next six bachelor projects! Not very much sleep, but value for the money, speaking as a free agent.
    Good news is that they served really decent lunch and fresh brewed coffee at the last of these colleges.
    I’ll blog my reading and link to that from somewhere real soon :-)
    Blogging Sus in Denmark

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    Thanks so much Stacy. My travels this month were terrific, however it sure feels good to be back.
    I’ve got to catch up with you and Virtualosophy this weekend!