Seems I’m having a Covey—GTD weekend

It’s a really good example of how reading a new book can affect my life. This has happened to me so many times before, and I’ve got to say that despite any potential upheaval (I had planned to write on some other things this weekend, and they’ll stay in drafts for now) — I love it.

Good books rock.

Scroll down the left column to Recent Comments and join in the weekend’s conversation if you like. The more the merrier.

My coach-and-learn-with-me project is getting a good amount of sign-ups, but some of them are awaiting confirmations: If you sign-up, be sure to check your email, for it’s a double opt-in sign up process.

Update: The MWA3P Project subscriptions are no longer available. However you can still access the information and conversations we’ve had here on Talking Story about MWA3P by clicking on that category link.

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    Like I have time to do this Rosa. Like I have time not to do this Rosa! I’m in.
    Rosemary and I are in the process of moving to Tampa, Florida. We should hit town on June 11. Obviously our lives are turned upside down. (And I have yet to land a job down there)
    But, as much as anything, this is just a testament to Rosa, the Ho’ohana Community and MWA. Together they are like the North direction on a compass. You can get yourself spun around, but you only have to look Northward to get your bearings.
    I encourgage all who read this to participate in Rosa’s GTD / Covey experience. It is when you are in the heat of the battle that you need this sort of reinforcement the most.

  2. says

    Mahalo for the vote of confidence Dave. When it comes to the collective voices of our Ho‘ohana Community I feel the same way: confident and sure. We are Kākou, strongest together.