MWA3P: Strictly Double-Opt In

Update: The MWA3P Project subscriptions are no longer available. However you can still access the information and conversations we’ve had here on Talking Story about MWA3P by clicking on that category link.

An administrative note: If you subscribed for my MWA3P project and you didn’t get the kick-off email from me today your subscription wasn’t confirmed.

I’ve tried both opt-in (no confirmation) and double opt-in (you must verify your subscription) for my email subscribers, and I’ve found that I need to stick with the double opt-in process because of the aggressiveness of spam and new spam filters these days. The chances of you receiving the emails of your selected preferences (I have a couple of different projects going at SLC, Ho‘ohana Publishing, and MWA) are vastly better with double opt-in because your confirmation works some kind of magic (sorry, that’s the best I can explain it.)

So if you want to participate, please subscribe again (specific steps in this post) and watch your email inbox for the verification email – it comes almost immediately. If not, you have a very aggressive spam blocker with your present email program.

I do have one other option for you: email me here, and I’ll send you a gmail invite: you can use gmail for the subscription instead of fooling around with your present email provider. If you’re not doing it already, using gmail for all your internet subscriptions versus cluttering up your inbox is a cool thing anyway!

Please don’t email me to do a confirmation for you: I’m afraid that’s not possible. And don’t worry about missing stuff: your subscription is dated, and I’ll forward you anything you missed.

Mahalo nui, Rosa