Day 181 of the year: Say Aloha to June!

When today ends, half of the year is gone: Have you been successful with ‘ÅŒpala ‘ole this month, clearing away the clutter so you can focus better in the next six months?

Personally it was a very ambitious goal for me, and I’ll be continuing my own efforts through the summer, so don’t be surprised if the ‘ÅŒpala ‘ole mantra is one you hear me repeating again.

However it is June 30th, so drum roll please:
The Top 5 Talking Story Posts tabulated by your visits this month were these:

Why GTD reminds me of the 7 Habits. You can call this one, Rosa goes on another book journey”

Investment Banking at the Prescott Starbucks. An idea that deserves to be viral. It’s too bad not all bloggers use trackbacks, for this one really amazed me with the amount of coverage it got elsewhere in Blogsville. In particular, the ones who added to it with their own ideas were Dane and Richard.

How to Prepare Yourself for Reading. This one was a result of the coaching I did at an entrepreneurs retreat on the island of Molokai this month.

3by3 on Motivation, Responsibility and Accountability.
On Kuleana, the Hawaiian value of responsibility in Managing with Aloha.

‘ÅŒpala ‘ole and your Personal Productivity. This one was the invitation to the MWA3P project. And yes, for some who emailed me during my trip, you can still sign up if you like.

Also worthy of mention,this post was in a tie with How to Prepare Yourself for Reading in getting the most comment conversation, and if you only read it when first posted you may want to click back in:
It was the post on Stephen Covey’s most recent book, The 8th Habit, and as a result we welcomed author Tom Ehrenfeld to our Ho‘ohana Community!
Not ready for greatness, still working on the effectiveness part.

You know, looking back over the month we really covered a lot of stuff despite all the time I was away. Besides the heavy hitters above, we learned how to say “Happy Birthday” in Hawaiian, we put our minds to work on A Riddle, we coached ourselves to be better customers, we got inspired by Kalani’s story, we had some learning fun with drawing pictures, doodling and diagrams, we talked story a bit on trust and keeping promises, and we kicked our personal productivity efforts into high gear with the MWA3P project. And what inspired it all: Our June Ho‘ohana, ‘ÅŒpala ‘ole.

Whew. No wonder this month felt like such a doozy – it was!

And then there was my Arizona travelogue ” from Say Aloha to Prescott with me to Do it right, or don’t do it at all. As I shared with Ken in an email exchange today, I love the privilege of traveling for the opportunities it presents in seeing new ideas in new places. Being in business, even vacation time with the family causes me to see things through a certain lens, and I love the mindfulness and observation skills that business gives us by a kind of osmosis. The world has a lot to offer: we just have to be open to it.

Thanks so much for being here this month with me.