Writer’s Rewards

Those who write, and who share their writing, will at some time experience the reward of reading another person’s take on their words.

I have been blessed to have this happen to me on a couple of occasions, and it is a very rewarding thing. It is rewarding even in those instances when the person who refers to you may not agree, or goes off on a completely different tangent, for in some way, you gave them cause to think. Somehow, in some small way, your words had an effect (hopefully a good one) or made some kind of difference.

Blogging platforms for online publishing have sped up this very rewarding feedback loop. Writers who are blog authors eventually learn to use Technorati, Pubsub, or another watchlist program to find out who may have linked to them, and on those days that your RSS aggregator announces a new link, you discover you may have one of these writer’s rewards waiting for you.


There were two very nourishing morsels waiting for me this morning that I’d like to share with you.

From Management Sin to Life Lesson

Up until this past Monday, The 3 Sins of Management has been the all-time hit leader for Talking Story in number of visitors, with well over a thousand hits at first publication and still counting. I wrote it back on February 10th, and it continually amazes me how often people come back to it, or someone new finds it.

Sidebar: Ironically, for those of you who may study metablogging and blog trending, there are only two trackbacks and zero comments on the post itself, the lesson being that number of comments on your own blog don’t tell the whole story.

This morning, my Pubsub watchlist ‘introduced’ me to EuroRoss Update Central, “Updates from the life of a Canadian MBA student in Deutschland.” He had done a post today saying he got some “powerful food for thought from ‘Talking Story’.”  From one of my management ‘sins’ he took away this connection to one of life’s more profound lessons:

“Those you love and care about will know when you’re not being honest with them, just as you know when someone you love isn’t being honest and true with you. A terrible feeling.

This leads me to this story I recently came across that I totally identify with:


Click in to EuroRoss’s Update Central to read the story.

But there’s more. Those writer’s rewards, such as EuroRoss gave to me, may only be the beginning.

I’ve added EuroRoss to my BlogLines subscriptions, for I want to visit him again. I couldn’t resist reading the rest of the posts on his home page, finding that he is an optimistic, joyful and positive kind of guy, and very interesting. He started the post he had written linking to Talking Story this way:

“I’m not sad today at all, in fact very little could make life better than it is now ””

How can you not want to cheer for that? EuroRoss seems to find things that I’m guessing I’d never stumble into on my own. I’m very glad he found me somehow.

Just Like Jay Did

I met Jay three months ago (February was a very good month for me).

If I am lucky, EuroRoss will reveal himself one day like Jay did, and we will have a conversation, writer to writer, or several ongoing conversations, human to human, our aloha spirit connecting.

Jay became a member of our Ho‘ohana Online Community, she continued to write as she does so magnificently on her own Renaissance Girl, we met Nigel, and if you visited Talking Story earlier today, you know that I posted this for them: A May Lei for Renaissance Girl.

Such is the power of the writer’s words. Writing shared becomes a relationship shared and continually celebrated, for despite the publishing medium, writers themselves are all human beings. And we human beings crave connection. It gives us joy.

So what was my second writer’s reward today? One of the best thank you notes I think I have ever received: Thank you Rosa.

I went from Scrumptious to Glorious.

Write. Write a lot.

Keep it real and write authentically.

When you feel your words are written well, and you yourself feel good about them, ask yourself if you are willing to stand by those words as a final test.

Then be brave, and share what you have written.

Betcha anything, that the Writer’s Rewards are waiting for you too.