Three things for Sunday, Mom first!

1. Where we started.

Happy Mother’s Day to moms everywhere.

My mom is wonderful and I love her dearly. If you hadn’t guessed, you’ve met her on the dedication page of Managing with Aloha.

“For Marmee,

From the moment I was born, and you held me in your arms, you believed I could do this, and you told me so every chance you had.
You still do.”

Love you mom!

2. Still young enough for fun toys.

I wish I’d invented them ” still, using them is great too. Let us now Praise Post-it Notes.

This one is for the self-indulgent parts of mālama – taking care of yourself by using the things you love because they are just so cool and useful. Is there anyone in the world who isn’t crazy about Post-it Notes?

Merlin at 43 Folders started a Post-it love-fest. Be sure you read all the great ideas in the comments of this post (32+ trackbacks last time I checked).

3. Where we seem to be?

Seth Godin did a post getting a lot of which-side-are-you-on? play: The New Digital Divide. He has a chart on his blog on The New Digerati (Uses Firefox, RSS, has a blog etc.) versus The Left Behind (Uses Internet Explorer, RSS?, reads blogs-sometimes etc.).

As I read his post I smugly found myself in the Digerati column, but then I remembered something that happened earlier this morning and had to laugh at myself: my son snatched my mechanical pencil out of my hand to disdainfully show me how to get the lead back in the pencil because I couldn’t figure it out and it was marking up the inside of my bag.

So I guess I’d be something like “blissfully skipped ahead to Digerati with old off-line tools intact.” Still no moleskine. Lots of post-its, all colors, no brainer.

Tons of love for my mom — and for being one. Ash and Zach, you are my life.

One more for mom:

This is a picture of my sister Becky, me, and my mom. Kris Scanlon took it for us (yes, Robin’s Kris) at the party for my book launch. (And mahalo to Robin and my son Zach for showing me how to get these blog pictures bigger!)


I’ve been writing about leis this month, and you can see this day was one I was able to collect some real beauties.

Mahalo for visiting me today. Now log off and go call your mom.


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    To Nurture, We Love

    Sometimes I feel there is a great wisdom in the way we human beings celebrate holidays. When you think about it, Mother’s Day actually begins a month-long framing of our attitudes until Father’s Day arrives in June. For instance, it