Prescott bound!

Grand adventures ahead for the Say family in the next few months ” my son Zach graduates this coming Wednesday. He’ll be attending Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University this fall, so for his college years Prescott Arizona will be home sweet home.

We’ve never been there, and so we’re beginning to plan a family trip for the end of June to check it out. Zach will then return on his own come August.

Anyone familiar with Prescott got some tips for me? Good places to stay? Great restaurants to recommend?

Any idea what the drive from Phoenix to Prescott is like? I understand it takes about 90 minutes or so.

Our dates are somewhat flexible, and since there’s no such thing as a direct flight there from Hawaii anyway we’re trying to evaluate what city is best for a stop-over (“best” = cost effective since there’ll be four of us). Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Diego … too many choices …

I’d appreciate your kokua (help) if you’ve been to Prescott before and have some advice to share!




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    Greetings from Prescott! We have 3 historic hotels you might want to consider: there’s the Vendome (they have a ghost), the St. Michael, which is smack dab in the middle of things, and the Hassayampa Inn, also downtown.
    We’ve had an influx of Californians & where ever they move, good food follows in their wake. Amost too many to list!!! St. Michael’s bistro is neat… El Gato Azul (NOT Mexican) … 129 – 1/2 … Cattleman’s …Hillside Station … among others.
    Hope this helps…

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    Thank you Julie!
    Since writing this post I’ve returned to Prescott for the third time, and it is growing like gangbusters, isn’t it. You are right about there being more and more good food to be found there with each new visit I make.
    Love all the pictures you’re posting on your blog – great ones of the post office.