Have you heard of Chautauqua?

I love discovering new words, and so I was really intrigued when I got an email a few months ago inviting me to be a guest author for a virtual Chautauqua that would feature Managing with Aloha. What in the world was a Chautauqua, and how was it done virtually?

Hint: If you love books, and you love talking story about them you’ll love Chautauqua.

Long story short, I accepted the invitation, and I’ll be guest author in the Virtual Chautauqua Main Tent the last half of this month, starting on May 15th. I’ve posted more about it (including the definition and history of Chautauqua) on Managing with Aloha Online.

Please visit the Chautauqua website, register to get into the tent (free!) and stop by the Café. Spend some time there this coming weekend or whenever you normally do some ‘net surfing and check out the archives where they’ve had other authors visit virtually. Then, come back to talk story there with me on the 15th!

In April, Bill Torbert, author of Action Inquiry, The Secret of Timely and Transforming Leadership was featured in the Main Tent, and you can read the conversation that’s still posted there about his book — it went on my wish list after I did!  The Chautauqua Café is a second option you can get to (there’s a book game there now that’s kinda fun), and if you are a blogger or writer you will love the suggestions offered to you in The Writer’s Desk.

So please mark your calendars to come visit with me there on May 15th, I love that I lucked out with a Sunday to start on. I’ll post a reminder as the day gets closer, but trust me, you’ll want to check it out before then, bookmark the site, and start Chautauquaing now ” that’s probably not a word, huh?