365 Ways to Manage Better: May 4

I’m considering this another vote in favor of The Daily Five Minutes:

Calendar 365 Ways To Manage Better by Bob Nelson

“It is more important for the manager to get his information quickly and efficiently than to get it formally.”

Henry Mintzberg, [then at] McGill University, School of Management

Mahalo nui Henry!
Very cool when an often-quoted expert agrees with me!

To Mintzberg’s “quickly” and “efficiently” add that with The Daily Five Minutes as your informal practice,

  • you can get your information
    from those who are closest to most of the situations you need to know about,
  • with added feedback they’ve culled from their own workplace networks,
  • when it is volunteered rather than solicited (or pulled like a sore tooth),
  • in a dialogue very conducive to getting suggested solutions and added ideas linked into that information,
  • when you are most receptive to it, because you initiated the conversation with the demeanor of “I’m ready to listen well, and you are important to me.”
  • and perhaps best of all, “pleasantly.”

Yes, I am stubborn and insistent about The Daily Five Minutes. Three reasons:

  1. It works wonders, guaranteed.
  2. I truly want you to be a great manager, not just a good one.
  3. I truly truly want you to enjoy being a manager, and discover how fulfilling a profession we have. Those you manage hold the key to this in their hands.

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