3 Cheers for the Aloha of 800-CEO-READ!

They are sharing their mālama with ChangeThis and bringing it back from hiatus.

Mālama is the Hawaiian value of caring and stewardship, and from what I personally know of 800-CEO-READ I am confident that they will be a worthy steward.

Todd Sattersten had given me the good news because my Managing with Aloha manifesto has been on hold with ChangeThis during their hiatus. I’ve been waiting for his announcement on the 800-CEO-READ Blog to share with all of you who had so generously voted to move me out of the slush pile there back in January, however this wonderful news is beyond just me.

In my view, ChangeThis was a pioneer of what we now think of as “citizen publishing,” with their goal to help great ideas become viral, infecting internet readers with more passion for embracing the change Seth Godin has said we must embrace as our “new normal.”

In this regard ChangeThis has truly been missed.

From Todd’s announcement this past Thursday:

“We are happy to announce today 800-CEO-READ will be taking on the stewardship of ChangeThis. ChangeThis was a project started with Seth Godin, Amit Gupta, and a team of interns last August. The goal of the project was to create a distribution hub for world changing ideas.  ” We are currently working on the next issue of Changethis which we expect will be published in the next two weeks.”

Read Todd’s complete announcement here.

And get ready: I imagine there will be a slew of new manifestos to hit the slushpile for your votes! Watch for 800-CEO-READ’s first newsletter: besides the Managing with Aloha Manifesto, you are sure to find more great ideas just waiting for you to help make them viral.

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