Weekend Learning Links on Business Values: Vol. 3.

As little as a year ago, I would not have imagined there would be an online community — our Ho‘ohana Community — which would actually help me feel closer to home when I was traveling. That as long as I had an internet connection, I could click in and feel I was in my own neighborhood. Stacy wrote something about this on Virtualosophy too; we are kākou (together) in our thinking!

My last business trip was full and frenzied, and when I’d sit in the peace and quiet of those early morning hours I love, before most of Hawaii wakes up, I’d visit with those of you who continue to teach me so much. This is what I caught up with and was cheered by recently.

On Business Thoughts, Todd has a terrific interview with Anita Campbell. She has much to teach us about how having a diligent focus on your customer (ho‘okipa) can actually be about indulging your own passions for business excellence (kÅ«lia i ka nu‘u).

On Renaissance Girl, Jay wrote an inspiring piece called Why does being creative matter? (‘ike loa) She had me cheering for her, her keen insights, and for all the creative messes I tend to make in my own life. For we all know creativity matters—a lot (ka lā hiki ola). Do yourself a huge favor, and read what Jay has written about it.

On Kevin’s Blog, Kevin wrote a post he also demonstrated brilliantly (alaka‘i) by keeping it short and sweet, something I am usually completely incapable of: Leadership Tip #3 Shut up! The irony of it had me laughing to myself, for his post is another take on one of my own favorite coaching litanies, learning to love your own silence (ha‘aha‘a).

I continue to be fascinated by what Adrian is cooking up at 173 Drury Lane, and so to read this was such good news, “So, I am no longer a guest author at 173 Drury Lane – Johnnie asked me recently to join him, Freddie and Max as a regular author and I was pleased to accept.” If you have not yet discovered Adrian’s ho‘ohana with “exploring the nuts and bolts of ‘food focus’” you simply must read more in his re-introduction to why he writes for 173 Drury Lane in addition to his own site.

At The Alchemy of Soulful Work, Chris wrote a post called A Person Divided Leaves a Remainder that speaks of the struggle we all can have with ‘imi ola at times (being able to live our best possible life in business) so that those we love and care for (mālama) only get what’s left of us. As he so often is able to do, Chris stimulates much comment conversation there.

Wayne just wrote this article for Blog Business World yesterday, and I am quite proud of myself: I actually kept up with him in this past week! Wayne continues to be our cheerleader of business community possibility (‘ohana). I absolutely marvel at his ability to connect blogging benefits to virtually every industry imaginable (ho‘ohana). If you have any connection to non-profits at all, you have to read Wayne’s suggestions.

It’s been a pretty busy week right here too: Mahalo, thank you for visiting Talking Story! Enjoy your weekend.

Thank you for the wonderful card Bren! Your aloha touches my heart. And by the way, you don’t need that tattoo, for we all know what you stand for and can’t wait for the book!

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