Visit me today on the 800-CEO-Read Blog!

Did you see this announcement I posted on MWA is now being offered on!

Today is the day that I am guest author on the 800-CEO-Read Blog — please click in and visit with me there! And do feel free to share a comment either there or here ” where-ever the aloha spirit may move you :-) I truly would love to hear from you, and have the Ho‘ohana Community make their presence known!

I’ve written five new articles for the 800-CEO-Read Blog which will be posted through-out the day.

1. Managing with Aloha – Why?
2. The Aloha Connection to Business
3. The Language of Intention and the Power of Words
4. ‘Ike loa: the Hawaiian value of Learning
5. A Call to Arms: Let’s Manage with Aloha

Yesterday was such a great thing for me to be a guest on Business Thoughts, and now this today ” this may be a little too much of me even for me ” mahalo to Todd Sattersten for his kind invitation.

Updated with direct links. :-)