This compliment is yours!

Reading this on another blog made my day, and it is really a compliment for all of you:

“With all my soul I believe in the magic and power of community. I know what can be created there. I love that the Internet has made it possible for people to become members of communities of all kinds, from literally anywhere. The world opens up to me more every time I participate in community, and while I know my success is due to my own hard work, I am certain the backbone of it is due to the supportive communities I belong to or have belonged to. I never have to worry” if I have a need, I reach out, and someone out there has the answer I’m looking for, or at least a terrific idea for me.”

“”Of course, I also invite you to visit Rosa Say’s Talking Story where you can learn, grow, and talk story with the members of her Ho‘ohana Community. In just the past week or so, I’ve started getting to know some of the most amazing people there!”
Stacy Brice, Virtualosophy, “If Only ””

Ho‘ohana Community, thank you for sharing your aloha. I am so proud of you!

And Stacy, mahalo nui for your compliment.

If you are a new reader here for the first time, the Ho‘ohana Community is the name we give to all of you who are readers of Talking Story. Thank you for being here, and we hope you will consider subscribing.

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    Thanks, Rosa! And you’re right — my post really was a compliment to everyone here, but remember, you were the catalyst. You opened the door and invited people in; how exciting that such great folks took up the invitation to talk story with you!