The unwired work day

Yesterday morning I had no internet service.  This drives me crazy when it happens, for I am the morning person: when I step back into my office after taking my early run my brain is normally buzzing with stuff that just has to come out and get done. The practicalities of modern day business communication proliferates my habits; working in Hawaii the time change is always something to be reckoned with.

Unfortunately, online downtime happens more than occasionally with my ISP and the bright side is that I’m now trained to just wait them out ” detailed detective work and calls to their cube farms of customer “service” reps are useless. So after a period of re-booting, groaning and praying I resigned myself to being without it, and completely changed my normal routine. The best thing I did yesterday was tell myself, “Okay, let’s not plan on getting back online today at all: in fact, let’s see how long you can go without checking if it’s back on.”

You can guess where this is going.  I got so much done.

Great phone calls instead of emails, better quality writing for a May project I have coming up, a breakthrough on a coaching plan for a particularly challenging new client, and I actually ate lunch for a change.

You know I love spending time with all of you, but I have to stay offline more often.


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    I can really relate to your post today. I have a cable Internet connection. It works well most of the time, but it has taught me some important lessons. Don’t count on it!
    Last year I was the area governor for Toastmasters here in Western Riverside County. I was putting the finishing touches on our area speech contest… you guessed it… the morning of the contest. I had to print over 15 online forms for our speakers and judges.
    The first form printed fine and then our entire cable connection went down. Not for just a few minutes but hours on end. I was in a total panic! I realized I was so reliant on that connection that I was a total mess without it.
    Al Gore didn’t invent the internet… Murphy did!
    It finally came up 30 minutes before the contest and my printer was soon smoking! That old boy scout motto came to mind… be prepared. I now have multiple copies of each form in a folder… just in case!
    If it can go down… it will go down… when you need it most. BTW… what did we do before e-mail and the internet?

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    Here, here, Rosa. As you know, I’m in Maui staying in a hotel with modum only. What kind of joint is this? I needed to get some major downloading of images done so I went to Borders to use their high speed wireless connection. They have no power outlets available so I had a limited amount of time to get my work done.
    I accomplished way more than I normally would have given that amount of time. Just knowing that I had a finite amount of time before my computer would be powerless forced me to prioritize and get the important work out. Actually, we have a finite amount of time everyday…twenty four hours to be exact. This taught me something about the limited amount of time we have.
    BTW, blogging and reading blogs on a slow modum is not for whimps. One must have patience.

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    Dearest Rosa…
    Being unplugged by choice is a fabulous thing. Being disconnected, OTOH, is not! Maybe you should unplug one day/week and see what amazing things happen in that space? :)
    I wish I could tell you the number of times I’ve lost my connection and needed something I didn’t have in hard copy. How happy I’ve been to be able to call my VA, Marie (I’m in Balto, as you know; she’s in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan), and have her fax to me what I need. I never get frazzled, because I know she’ll make sure I’m taken care of. Yay! :)