The Art of the Sale 1 and 2

We’re off and meme-ing!

Mahalo (thank you) to Ben Hamilton at Wallis Hamilton Industries for starting us off with his articles on The Art of the Sale:

1. Art of the Sale: When to stop talking
This one reminded me of one of our own lessons in the Managing with Aloha coaching strategy, especially for new supervisors: silence is golden. We may be focusing on sales with our meme, but with this first article we can see that there will be applications shared for other parts of our business strategies too.

2. Art of the Sale: How and when to use a counter to make a sale
In my comment there for Ben you’ll find out what my own pet peeve was when I worked in retail. If any of the retail clerks who were with me are reading this now I can guarantee you they’re thinking, “I know, I know!” before they even click in — we talked about it all the time.

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