Ho‘omau: The value of perseverance.

Another MWA book excerpt for you: This one is on Ho‘omau, the Hawaiian value of perseverance, and it is the week’s feature on the 800-CEO-Read(er). Take a look!

Managing with Aloha
by Rosa Say

Managing with Aloha teaches the universal values of business enterprise in the same way that Rosa Say coaches; through storytelling. Her coaching lessons are all taken from real business stories. As you read them they sound familiar, but they challenge you to bring the effectiveness of the managing with aloha sensibility to your own management practice, drawing upon your personal values, and reinventing work in the process. We offer one such story here.


Anything worth having is worth working for. Persistence is often the defining quality between those who fail and those who succeed.

There is never much satisfaction in giving up, and Ho‘omau is the value that will cause you to continue, to persevere in your efforts, and to perpetuate those that have worked well.

Celebrate your strengths in the face of adversity. The obstacles that test you can actually make you stronger.

Ho‘omau. Persevere. Never give up.
Cause the good in your life to last.
——Managing with Aloha, page 55

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